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The T12 hybrid power motorcycle glove design is sleek, stylish and very functional. They are a light but strong and pliable glove which will give the touring rider the best possible heated glove in the world. The T-12 heated gloves are waterproof, windproof and still breathable due to the Hipora ® liner. This provides protection from wind and rain. The use of Stainless Steel Microwire® heating makes this the most durable glove in the world. The T-12 heats up within seconds and warms the entire length of each finger, including the thumb. It also has an adjustable wrist enclosure.

  • Extra protection at the top of the hand.
  • Thinsulate® insulation and brushed liner for added warmth and comfort.
  • Microwire® Heating Technology.
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements.
  • Gloves are supplied with battery hook-up and inline Junior Temperature controller to adjust the heat when connected to a vehicles battery.

Gerbing’s Hybrid T12 gloves offer the best of both worlds. If you're cruising for hours, just connect these heated gloves directly to your vehicle battery using the supplied battery harness and junior controller. 

Alternatively, if you are just riding for an hour or so then plug in the optional small rechargeable 12v Lithium portable batteries. Choose the 1.9 Amps Battery for up to 4.5 hours heat output (recommended).
High heating power: 27 Watts to 12 Volts) - ca. 2,2 Amps
(Option available)Durability of 12 volt 1.9 amp battery:

Green 33% = 4.5 hours
Amber 66% = 3 hours
Red 100% = 1.5 hours
Heating time with the batteries time depending on ambient temperature.

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