Thermo seat heated outdoor pillow

With this heat sitting cushion you will never freeze again not even at extremely low temperatures and icy winds but instead feel comfortably warm. Highly flexible heating elements made of carbon fibres are incorporated into the heating seat area which keep you warm. The Thermo Seat has 3 different temperature settings; these are 34 degrees Celsius, 39 degrees Celsius and 44 degrees Celsius, which you can select yourself and adapt to your own personal needs. The battery life amounts up to 5 hours depending on the temperature setting. The Thermo Seat can be washed and cleaned without any problems. The included battery is a high-performance lithium polymer rechargeable battery, which does not have a memory effect. Moreover, the rechargeable battery only weighs 59 grams per unit; that means it`s even light enough to always carry a second one with you. The Thermo Seat is made of a soft and skin-friendly material, which also provides for a pleasant wearing comfort. The delivery of the Thermo Seat includes a rechargeable battery, a battery charger as well as a suitable carrying bag. For extending the heating time we offer add batteries for the Thermo products.
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